A list of features included in UltraStaffChat
Need something with more features? Check out UltraStaffChatPro

Key features

  • Highly customisable - Almost everything can be modified through the configuration file
  • Toggle features - Disable the features that you don't want
  • Minecraft to Discord - Allows you to log messages to a Discord channel

All features

  • Message configuration - Change any message to your liking
  • Feature toggles - Disable any unused or unwanted features
  • Staff communication system - Use a message prefix to send messages (eg. #Hello) - Toggle sending messages - Toggle receiving messages - Stop everyone without a bypass permission from sending messages - AFK broadcasts
  • Basic staff list command
  • Discord integration - Single-way communication through the use of a webhook - Event notifications
  • RGB support (&#aabbcc)
  • Helpful support (https://discord.hypera.dev/)
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